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At Visualise Ltd we provide 3D visualisation imagery, 3D animation and 3D concept designs for Architectural Practices, Estate Agents, Residential Developers, Commercial Developers and Homeowners. 

As part of our business activities we collect and store contact details for companies around the UK. Information is obtained from Planning Applications submitted to Local Authorities as well as from Estate Agents, Architectural Practices and Developers’ own websites. In doing so we follow all UK and EU regulations regarding privacy and the storing of information.  


We have developed this Privacy Policy to keep you informed about how we collect and manage your data; use it, store it and protect your privacy.


If you need to contact us about anything or you wish to alter the information we hold about you, you can reach us by email at info@ivisualise3d.co.uk, via phone 020 8123 1426 or via post to 81 High Street, Caterham, Surrey, CR3 5UF. 
This policy was last updated on 5th December 2018 and will be regularly updated to keep you informed as we deem necessary.  


Your data: Information Which We Collect 
We hold information about you because we noticed that:  
• You recently submitted a Planning Application

• You recently had a Planning Application approved

• You contacted us directly to discuss a project on which you are working

• Or we received a referral from a third-party company who you normally do business with and they have obtained your permission to pass on your      information to Visualise Ltd. 
The information we hold is used to inform you of our services.  
The information we hold is limited to: - 
• Company Name

• Company Role

• Company Address

• Company Telephone Number

• Company Email address

• Company Website 

How We Use Your Data 
We treat all your data with respect and it is only used by Visualise Ltd. We use this to send you information we feel may be of benefit to your company. 

Lawful Basis: Legitimate Interest  


We feel we have a Legitimate Interest for holding your information as you have: 
• Had a recent Planning Application approved

• Made a recent Planning Application

• Recently been referred by someone you are working with and they have your permission to pass on your information to us.  
Legitimate Interest means we can hold your personal information if: - 
• We have a genuine and legitimate reason for doing so;

• Our use of your information does not harm any of your rights and interests. 
Unless you advise us otherwise, we will rely on our Legitimate Interest to send you information we think may be of use to you and your company. 

Lawful Basis: Consent  

We feel we have Lawful Basis: Consent for holding your information if you have: 
• Contacted us via our website or email to obtain a quotation or further information for our services.

• Subscribed to our newsletter or email marketing campaigns. 
Consent means we can hold your personal information if: - 
• We have a genuine and legitimate reason for doing so

• Our use of your information does not harm any of your rights and interests 
If, as determined by us, the lawful basis upon which we process your personal information changes, we will notify you about the change and any new lawful basis to be used if required. We shall stop processing your personal information if the lawful basis used is no longer relevant.  



Who we share your information with 
We do not sell, swap or share your information with any third party company. Your details are used only by Visualise Ltd.  


We will only share your information if:  
• We receive a legal request from a law enforcement agency which has the authority to ask for this under the terms of a Court Order.

Where we store your personal information 
All information we hold is stored securely on our servers.  No paper copies are kept. 

How long we keep your personal information? 
We will store your information for as long as we feel we have a Legitimate Interest or your Consent or you ask us to remove you from our list.  

Cookies, online and website security  
You don’t need to provide us with any personal information when browsing our website.  Please note that cookies are implemented in every site built by Wix for security purposes. Please contact us if you would like further details on the cookies that our website uses. We make sure that all information is stored securely and is encrypted. 

Your individual Rights 
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you rights over your data and how we can use it. Under the GDPR your rights are as follows:- 
• the right to be informed;

• the right of access;

• the right to rectification;

• the right to erasure;

• the right to restrict processing;

• the right to data portability;

• the right to object; and

• the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling. 
If you believe the information we hold is incorrect, or you wish to exercise any of the rights above, please contact us at 81 High Street, Caterham, Surrey, CR3 5UF / 020 8123 1426 / info@ivisualise3d.co.uk. 
You have the right to ask for the information we hold about you.  We will process these requests as soon as we can. You also have the right to complain to the ICO [www.ico.org.uk] if you feel there is a problem with the way we are handling your data. 

Email marketing messages & subscription 
Under the GDPR we use the consent lawful basis for anyone subscribing to our newsletter or marketing mailing list. We only collect certain data about you, as detailed in the section "Your data: What information we collect" above. Any email marketing messages we send are done through an EMS, email marketing service provider. An EMS is a third party service provider of software / applications that allow marketers to send out email marketing campaigns to a list of users. 
Email marketing messages that we send may contain tracking beacons / tracked clickable links or similar server technologies in order to track subscriber activity within email marketing messages. Where used, such marketing messages may record a range of data such as; times, dates, I.P addresses, opens, clicks, forwards, geographic and demographic data. Such data, within its limitations will show the activity each subscriber made for that email campaign. 
Any email marketing messages we send are in accordance with the GDPR and the PECR. We provide you with an easy method to withdraw your consent (unsubscribe) or manage your preferences / the information we hold about you at any time. See any marketing messages for instructions on how to unsubscribe or manage your preferences. 
Our EMS provider is Constant Contact. We hold the following information about you within our EMS system;

• Name

• Email address

• I.P address

• Subscription time & date  



Please note: the transmission of data over the internet is not guaranteed to be 100% secure. While we do everything we can to protect your information, we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not happen during the transfer process. 
For more information about GDPR and your rights, you can visit the Information Commissioners 
Office website at: https//ico.org.uk. 

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